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the best care


Welcome to Castle Hill Physiotherapy

The Castle Hill Physiotherapy practice was established by Michael Dessen in 1986 & has been providing excellence in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, spinal pain treatment, sports injuries management, injury rehab and other physiotherapy services to the residents of the hills district & surrounding areas ever since. Our philosophy is to provide our patients with the highest standard of physiotherapy care and rehabilitation to achieve positive health outcomes in a friendly & supportive environment.

Give your body the best care

Our musculoskeletal physiotherapists are highly qualified experts providing physiotherapy treatment for the relief of headaches, bad back, neck, sports, muscle, joint & nerve pain. They have advanced skills in pain management & offer a broad range of physiotherapy treatment & sports injuries management options to relieve your pain & help you regain your mobility. Our physiotherapists are trained to identify the cause of your pain & teach you injury rehabilitation skills to manage or prevent the recurrence of your symptoms.

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